A small retreat in a busy world

Titch Haven is there to support your emotional wellbeing.

At Titch Haven, we are passionate about natural ways to support mental health.

We do this through the safe and effective use of essential oils, as well as dance for fun.

We even combine the two activities for the ultimate experience!

We provide a range of services to support our client's health using dance and essential oils including consultations, therapy, dance sessions, essential oil accessory shop and education.

Tel: +61414728848
​Mail: info@titchhaven.com

Movement & Aroma

AromaDance is a free-form dance method incorporating essential oils for stress-busting enjoyment.

We also offer fun bellydance sessions.

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Emotional Management

Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils to support the emotions through our online course.

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Treat yourself to an aromatherapy experience for holistic wellbeing support.


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