About Titch Haven and Our Therapist

Rebecca Tichbon

B. Sc. (Med. Sci.)

Grad. Dip. of Ed.
Dip. (Arom.)

Tribal Grooves and AromaDance certified


Our wellness service is based in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Titch Haven's Principal Therapist is Rebecca Tichbon, preferring to be called Beck.

Beck has qualifications and career experience in Aromatherapy, Medical Science and Adult Education. She is passionate about using essential oils to support health. She helps others with essential oils by providing therapy and education in how to use them safely and effectively. She also has experience in Dance, and is qualifed in Dance Therapy as well as belly dance instruction. 

While essential oils can be beneficial for physical issues, Beck's main interest is in using aromatherapy to assist with emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, grief and anger. Smell is scientifically proven to be one of the fastest ways to change moods and can be used for mindfulness purposes. Beck can help clients to use essential oils in this way. Titch Haven has an online program and face-to-face workshops on how to use essential oils for emotional support.

Titch Haven also offers dance for therapy, exercise and fun! AromaDance is a unique free-movement experience designed for relieving stress and promoting emotional wellbeing through dance and aromatherapy. We run beginner belly dance classess to learn the technique of this beautiful form of dance, as well as Tribal Grooves - a fitness dance session using belly dance as exercise. AromaDance. Beck loves combining her two passions - dance and essential oils - into her business practice.


Beck is proud to be recognised for her skills and knowledge by being a member of Holistic Health Associates International and the South West Holistic Health Network. Both organisations provide support and professional development opportunities for registered, qualified practitioners.

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