Tribal Grooves

Tribal Grooves is a fun, feminine fitness experience! Incorporating Global Caravan Tribal Belly Dance, follow our dance routines designed to get you moving and in touch with your physical and emotional body. Move your body to some world music and pop music with some booty-shaking fun! Sessions are on Tuesday evenings (6:30-7:30 pm) at the New Lyric Theatre on Bourke Street, Bunbury. Book online (preferred) or turn up on the night (spots are limited though) for $15 a session.

You can also dance along in the comfort of your own home using our online course of four dance videos. Each hour-long video includes a warm up and cool down, several drill songs to get the basic moves, and three choreographies to follow. Join now for just $24.95 and receive six-month's access.


AromaDance is a combined free-form dance and aromatherapy experience. It is a beautiful way to awaken your senses and reconnect with your body while you free your mind and open your heart. Through creative movement and essential oils, you shower healing energy on your body and bring it back into alignment with your mind and spirit. Sessions conclude with a guided relaxation.

You do not need any dance experience to join in with AromaDance. There is no choreography or 'steps' to learn or follow - just move your body to our inspirational music playlist in this safe and non-judgemental space.

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Sessions are one hour and are held throughout the year on Tuesday evenings at the Starlight Studio within the New Lyric Theatre. The sessions are open to women over 14 years of age with a fee of $15.

Beginner Belly Dance Workshops

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Learn the art of belly dance with our Beginner technique classes.

Lessons are held in both Arabic/Oriental Dance style and American Tribal Style (ATS).

We invite women of all ages, shapes and sizes (over 14 years of age). No previous dance experience necessary.

The workshops are hosted in series (i.e. held on Tuesday evenings over a number of weeks) to be able to build on the learning week-to-week. Preferably, dancers commit to the series, but casual participation is available. The fee will depend on the number of sessions in the series (e.g. $75 for a 5-week series), but the cost is approximately $15 per class.

Each session is one hour. Workshops on the two genres are held throughout the year on Tuesday evenings at the Starlight Studio within the New Lyric Theatre.  Bookings can be made below.

Bellydance Personalised Workshops 


Get your girlfriends together for a fun session of bellydance! Perfect for hen's parties, birthdays or even corporate events.

Choose from cabaret style or American Tribal Style (ATS) bellydance.

Bellydance is also known as Arabic or Oriental Dance. The dance has a long history in the Middle East, and is believed to have originated in Egypt. Variations on the style have been performed in Turkey and Lebanon, as well as Iran (Persia), Greece and Spain. Unlike most Western dance forms, the focus of bellydance is on moving the torso rather than the limbs.

Bellydance is an art form that embraces the beauty of women of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Enjoy glitter, sequins and shaking your booty? Join in with a shimmy and a giggle for our cabaret style fun!

Want an earthy, sisterhood experience? Learn more about improvisional choreography and ATS, a modern and urban yet folkloric style of bellydance.

Session fees start from $220 for one hour. Costs vary with the number of participants and location (e.g. venue hire or travel expenses).