Aromatherapy and Emotions

Research findings have demonstrated that smell is the quickest way to change one’s mood or behaviour. The diverse aromas of essential oils are ideal as the smell to use.

Aromatherapy is an effective tool that can be used for anxiety management and to support other difficult emotions, such as grief, anger and frustration, or stress. I have developed a unique methodology to support my clients in how to use essential oils when dealing with such emotions. I work with clients individually, and I also have an online course to help those who perhaps aren’t available to meet with me in person. It is a great way for people to put their own collections of essential oils to good use.

My new book, Essential Oils for Emotional Management, is coming out soon! The book goes into a lot of detail as to how to use essential oils to support the emotions. I use myself as a case study - my personal wellbeing journey is woven throughout the book. I hope by sharing my story, the topic is more easily explored and understandable by my readers. To learn more about the book launch, please subscribe to my newsletter at

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